Holiday Custodial Schedules

Raleigh Law Center

Raleigh Law Center

With the holidays quickly approaching many parents are concerned about how the time will be split between the two households following a custody action concerning their minor children. The holidays are often a point of contention between two parents in the determination of the proper custodial schedule after their separation. The holidays are an important time for families to be together and continue their traditions as well as to make new memories.

Many custody orders provide for a special custodial schedule to be followed during the holidays in order to allow special family time between the minor children and each parent during the holiday season. The holidays are also important for custodial scheduling as the children are out of school during this time and arrangements must be made for the school day hours as well.

An example of common holiday custodial schedules is odd and even year scheduling. One parent will have the minor children on specific days of the holidays during the odd years and the other parent will have the children on those specific days during the even years. This type of holiday scheduling works well for many families so that each parent can experience the entire holiday season with their children by rotating the days by odd and even numbered years. There are various other combinations of holiday schedules that may be ordered based on the family and what is in the best interest of the minor children.

If you are concerned about the holiday scheduling for your minor children and are interested in learning of your options for custodial time during the holidays, contact the Raleigh Law Center today. Our attorneys are effective and experienced; we will work to establish the best possible holiday schedule for your minor children.