How to Divorce a Narcissist

Divorce is never an easy choice. Even bad marriages were once good, and it can be difficult to let go of the memory of when things were going well, and the belief that therelationship may somehow improve again.

Having said that, your decision about to divorce should never be contingent on whether you fear an aggressive or dangerous reaction from your spouse.

The reason we at Raleigh Law Center have decided to dedicate an entire blog post to the issue of fearing your spouse’s reaction is that we have seen, over and over again, that separating your life from problematic people is not only difficult and complex, it’s also potentially dangerous, and if you don’t get the help you need, it’s often far more harmful — financially, emotionally, and physically — than it should ever be.
Which brings us to the issue of how exactly do you go about initiating and completing a divorce from a narcissistic personality?

What is a Narcissist?

A lot of people have heard the word narcissist, but a narcissistic personality can be hard to pin down. As divorce lawyers, the important aspect for us in helping our clients deal with a narcissist is that narcissists often do not care about other people’s suffering, they cannot accept any criticism or threat to their power, and they will use almost any tactic — unethical, immoral, or deceptive — to get what they want.

Does any of that sound familiar?

We have had clients who tell us chilling stories about elaborate lies told by their narcissistic spouses, lies told not just to the spouse, but to kids, extended family, friends, and even the courts. Narcissists will stay with a lie even in the face of overwhelming evidence against them.

Dealing with this kind of morally ungrounded person can be infuriating, disheartening, and disillusioning. You can end up feeling like there is no way to win, no way to overcome the pain and suffering they are inflicting on you, your children, and your family.

We are here to tell you that none of this is true. With the right help, the right understanding, and the right tools, you can fight back and win against a narcissist. And at Raleigh Law Center, we are experienced with this type of spouse, and fully committed to helping you feel empowered, protected, and supported at the level you need to be in order to escape the harmful effects of being married to a narcissist.

You Need Allies to Fight a Narcissist

One of the most damaging techniques narcissists use is to isolate their victim, cut them off from friends and family, and leave the victim more vulnerable to lies, threats, and bullying. Narcissists make you feel in danger and afraid to seek help. This is exactly why you need powerful allies when you decide enough is enough.

Our long-running experience helping people break away from narcissistic spouses has shown us how important it is to have a full set of tools ready to be used to fight back against a narcissist’s unethical weapons. We will not hesitate to apply for restraining orders against narcissistic spouses. We will not hesitate to gather evidence of exactly how they try to intimidate or threaten you. We will not back down against spouses who use physical threats or intimidation against you.

The role of an attorney is always to seek what’s best for a client. That begins with advising you on what you’re dealing with and making sure you use every single means available to protect yourself as you go through the process of divorcing a difficult spouse.
Why Use Raleigh Law Center for Dealing with Narcissistic Spouse?

At Raleigh Law Center, we truly care about our clients. We are not a high-volume, churn-and-burn law firm that sees thousands of clients and offers them cookie-cutter legal representation. We truly listen, we learn your issues from every vantage point, and we offer specialized advice and consultation that fits your exact situation and needs.

Raleigh Law Center focuses on clients who are going through difficult, high conflict, often damaging divorces. We know how important it is to have excellent, dedicated, and committed representation that will take the time to help you see every single option you have for protecting yourself, your family, and for getting what you deserve. Raleigh Law Center remains committed to you even when the narcissist goes to great lengths to deny you what you deserve.

Call us today to set a time let us demonstrate just how committed we are to your safety, protection, and your rights in a divorce proceeding. Let us prove to you that Raleigh Law Center is the right firm to choose when you’re dealing with someone most people don’t even understand.

Don’t fight a narcissist alone. Raleigh Law Center will help you fight for your family, protecting your rights.