The Differences Between Post Separation Support and Alimony

Raleigh Law Center

Raleigh Law Center

Understanding the differences between relevant legal terms throughout your divorce and separation are important to the success of your claim and your conversations with your attorney. Many individuals facing a separation aren’t sure of the differences between technical legal terms and how they may affect them moving forward in their respective cases. Post Separation Support and Alimony are similar but different terms where the differences are often misunderstood or unclear.

Post separation support, commonly referred to as PSS, is the legal term that refers to the payment to one spouse by another spouse temporarily during a separation and impending divorce prior to an alimony determination. Post separation support may be ordered in a shortened hearing prior to a full trial for an alimony award. In contrast, alimony is a term that is referred to the permanent order for payment to the other spouse for a fixed period of time. The alimony hearing is often longer and more in depth as a Post Separation Support order is a mere temporary order for payment until an alimony trial is conducted and an alimony award is determined or denied.

Each of the terms involves payment between separated and/or divorced spouses based on the individual’s respective incomes, the length of the marriage and other relative considerations. Post separation support functions as a temporary order for payment while alimony is decided in a lengthier trial with more facts and is a more permanent order by the court deciding payment of one spouse to another for a fixed duration of time.

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